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Arrival Important informations y
Important informations you should follow.

Arriving in Denpasar
Our manager Ganesa or our driver will pick you up at the airport with the typical hotel sign with your name and gives you and your family/friends a ride to Puri Mangga.

He also will help you with changing money and with all the other things you need. (stops for photo shooting, shopping etc.) At your arrival at the airport some skycaps (baggage porters) will ask you if they can  carry  your luggage... you shouldn't draw on this service... Even these people look like official skycaps, they are not... and most of the time they charge more than the officials. And please don't change any money at he airport. You will have there one of the highest exchange rates of Bali! Just ask our manager to change money at a official money changer, he will know exactly where to change your money without getting cheated.

From Germany there are several airlines with destination Bali, but all flights have  a stop over.
  • Malaysian Airlines in cooperation with Garuda
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific Airways
  • China Airlines
  • Quantas

If you want to, we can arrange some low price flights for you, just ask.
Also you can check our website for flight arrangements.

Entry regulations

Your passport has to be vialid more than 6 months after your departure date to Bali. Based on our experiences we recommend for kids having their own passport with a photography. During your last flight between the stop over and Denpasar you will get a immagration form. Please fill it out with your personal data, the duration of your stay, name of the hotel etc. 2004 every tourist with destination Bali needs a visa on arrival for 25,- US$, this fee has be payed cash in US$ at the immigration desk.

These visa rules are valid for the most European countries and the United States of America. Just in case, please get the informations at the Indonesian Embassy in your country.

The balinese currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (Rp). We recommend US$ in cash for the Visa and Euros, these 2 currencies you can change very easily at every authorized money changer. You can also use all established credit cards in almost every big shop and at the ATM-cashpoints.  Until now we can't accept credit cards in Puri Mangga, because of a tecnical lack of the telphone companies, But we hope that we manage until end of 2007 to accpet your cards.

Foreign currency regulations
The im - or export from Indonesian Rupiah is limited to 50.000,- Rp, but there  is no limitation for foreign currency.

Tax regulations
Besides goods for your peronal needs, you are allowed to bring tax free the following items into the country: your own film - photo or video equipment, laptop, films, 2 liters of alcoholic berverages, 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco, an adequate amount of perfume as well as presents not exceeding 100 US$.

Health regulations
At the present time there is no demand on vaccinations. But we recommend (if there is a need) the refreshment of Tetanus - and Polio protection. In addition to these advices get yourself informed by the departement of foreign affairs in your country.


On Bali you will find 220 Volts AC with European sockets.

During daytime we recommend sportive and light leisure wear made out of cotton, for trips into the mountains you should wear some warmer clothes and solid shoes.

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